See how IVR makes your business FAR more efficient

Use IVR to …Manage high call volumes. Reduce cost.
And improve the customer experience!

What is “IVR”?

IVR stands for “Interactive Voice Recording”. You’ve heard IVR many times, such as when you phone your bank or phone service provider.

Here are some typical IVR examples:

  • “To speak to a loans representative, press 1”
  • “Your call is next in the queue. If you are busy, however, you can arrange an automatic callback by pressing 2”
  • “For customer service, press 4. To get a new quote on car insurance, press 5”

Here’s why IVR is so useful to you

As you can see, an IVR message helps to identify and segment callers, so that incoming calls are dealt with more efficiently. Direct callers to the specific member of your staff who can best help them.

In fact an IVR means that callers’ queries can often be resolved without the cost of a staff member. In events where contact with a staff member is required, that call is then transferred to the right staff member.

Therefore, incoming calls are dealt with more efficiently. Instead of wasting time on trifling matters, your team is more productively involved in customer retention, up-selling, cross-selling and issue resolution.

As a result, customers get better service.
At the same time, your staff will find their role to be more rewarding. Which is important because good staff are hard to replace!

How much does an IVR cost?

Standard IVR orders from Telephone Audio Magic are just $330.

Think about your prospects’ first impression


Anyone phoning your business is a potential sale.
Your company’s IVR is one of the first things your potential clients will know about you.

Why miss this opportunity to sound professional?
Instead, let Telephone Audio Magic create the audio recording you need, to shine.

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