Christopher SteeleExpert copywriter

Managing Director, Telephone Audio Magic

Why choose Telephone Audio Magic? It’s simple really. We began as a small Advertising Agency in 1999. Since then, Telephone Audio Magic has moved towards a specialization. This decision was based on the owners’ considerable background in creating radio commercials. This strength is the reason we now focus on purely creating audio requirements for business telephones.

On-Hold Messages; and Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR’s) are the mainstay of Telephone Audio Magic and we do them well.

It’s not surprising. After all, expert copywriter Christopher Steele brings years of experience. Chris creates punchy, appealing and persuasive messages. (In fact, Chris has created thousands of ads for radio stations all over Australia.)

Since moving Telephone Audio Magic into its current Audio specialization, we’ve created scores of On Hold Messages for Australian businesses. Thanks to superb quality and the best imaginable prices, our popularity is soaring.

Why choose Telephone Audio Magic?
One reason: Australia’s best value for money. We charge the most affordable fees for our audio products. Better still, we charge no tawdry “lock-in contracts” or “ongoing annual cost” like our competitors. Our business clients can recognize a racket when they see one. So that’s why they prefer the transparent business offering which Telephone Audio Magic provides. We offer just a simple but effective product; at a straightforward, one-off, low price.

(Of course if your business has any other audio requirement, just let us know, we’ll be happy to help!)

And since we provide great resources, including access to some of Australia’s best voice talent, you know you can depend on great results.
Each audio “creation” is produced using superb audio engineering facilities, so the quality is second to none. No wonder Telephone Audio Magic has become a force to be reckoned with, in the provision of affordable, high-quality audio.

Telephone Audio Magic is based in Adelaide, Australia; and is a trading arm of Steelorama International Pty Ltd, a private company.

Audio products created by Telephone Audio Magic are available for clients throughout the world. What’s more, new clients are always welcome. Naturally, we will be delighted to improve your business with high quality business audio, as well!
Have a chat to us today, we are very friendly and make the whole process so easy.