Get more sales, easily

Tell callers kept waiting more about your business.

Turn callers into profit

Callers that you (or your staff) place “On-Hold” are a potential goldmine.
As a business owner, you know that anyone phoning your business is a potential sale.*

Don’t let callers hear chimes, the radio…or worse still, silence.
Instead, simply tell callers more about your products and services, while they wait, with a Telephone Audio Magic “On-Hold” phone message.

Like magic, extra sales will roll in.

Perhaps right now you are playing the radio to callers while they are “On-Hold”?

Or perhaps your clients hear nothing?

Either way, you’ll get astonishing results when you instead start using an On-Hold message Audio Recording, from Telephone Audio Magic.

Order an “On-Hold” phone message from Telephone Audio Magic and without any further effort, get ready to see your profits surge.
Get a MAGIC on hold phone message now, for just $299

*At least 16% of callers make a purchasing decision based on information they hear while on-hold.

Help your business in 3 vital ways

  1. Cross-sell your other products and services
  2. Give your business a more professional image
  3. Lose less sales! Instead, keep callers entertained, so they will wait longer.

What you need

If your phone system has a “Hold” button; and you’re therefore able to put callers “On Hold”; you can usually add a recorded message such as we provide.
If you’re still not sure, your telephone service provider will easily be able to confirm if your phone system will allow you to add an On-Hold Message Audio Recording.

How it works

Order an On-Hold Message from Telephone Audio Magic and we’ll create a script for your approval, followed by an audio recording to suit your phone system.

Get started now! It’s so easy

Order your new On-Hold Message, now!
Not sure what to say in your recorded message? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you.

Here’s what to do

1. Simply fill in our online form to give us a few clues. Click “Order now” to start filling in the form.

NB: We’ll require a $50 deposit at this time (by Visa/Mastercard or Paypal)

2. Next , we’ll send you a draft script.

In most cases, we get it exactly right, first time!
Sometimes however, alterations will be required.

3. Make any alterations you’d like.

Or add bulletpoint notes. We’ll simply re-script until you are 100% happy.

4. Approve the script.

As soon as you’re happy with the script we will promptly produce your new On-Hold recording. You’ll receive it within around 2-3 business days; at which time we require the remaining fee ($249).
Get a MAGIC on hold phone message now, for just $299

Here’s what you get

You’ll receive a high-end Audio Recording custom-built to attract more profit for your business.

Professionally scripted

Expert copywriter Christopher Steele provides years of experience in creating punchy, appealing and persuasive messages. Messages that get results.

Professionally voiced

Voice artists with proven excellence and inviting voices are on-hand to give your recordings that truly first-class edge.

Professionally recorded

Our recording studios combine state-of-the-art facilities, manned by some of Australia’s most talented audio engineers.

Australia’s best value

Thanks to our really low overheads, a superb audio recording is now surprisingly affordable.
Get a MAGIC on hold phone message now, for just $299